The damage control that you take to mitigate the effects of a hurricane or storm are critical. Taking steps and using products designed to lower the likelihood of damage from hurricanes and tropical storms — also known as hurricane mitigation – is essential to your safety. All buildings, whether residential or commercial, are vulnerable to damage from storms. In addition to the structures being at risk, contents of the buildings can be damaged or destroyed.

For people who live in hurricane-prone areas, the major decision that must be made when a hurricane approaches is whether to stay or go. Regardless of that decision, it is in their best interest to have their homes prepared in advance of the annual hurricane season.

The goal is to increase the likelihood of having a home to come back to following a storm. A well-protected home is far more likely to come through a hurricane in better shape than a home that has little or no protection.

There are many options for homeowners wanting to protect their property. They range from simple and affordable steps that can be taken to strengthen and fortify the resistance of homes to high winds to more elaborate and expensive systems.

To minimize the damage of high winds and the impact of debris, it is important to focus on the roof of a building and on the windows and doors. Window and door coverage provides protection from both high winds and airborne projectiles.