Evacuation Plan

The American Red Cross advises that evacuation plans should include several destinations you and your family could reach if told to leave the area in which you live. Among such destinations is a home of a friend or relative, a motel or a shelter.

It’s possible that you might have to use unfamiliar alternative routes during an evacuation, so make sure you have a map of the area handy along with the telephone numbers for your destination.

When advised to evacuate, do so immediately and take:

Important documents, including driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, proof of residence, insurance policies, wills, deeds, birth and marriage certificates, tax records, contracts, deeds, stocks, bonds, passports, immunization records, bank account numbers, credit card account numbers, inventory of valuable household goods, death certificates and important telephone numbers. Store the documents in a convenient place known to all family members and keep them in a waterproof, portable container.